The Chinese Menu gods are listening... just when I was exclaiming how wrong it was that I had no menus from Texas (considering what a big state it is, & how many people live there), here come some in the mail from Shannon. Thanks, Shannon! She sent menus from Flower Mound, Texas, near Dallas. One of 'em has Cowboy Wonton Soup! You heard me right: Cowboy Wonton Soup, described as "turkey wontons, sliced chicken & fresh spinach all served in a refreshing chicken broth." What is so Cowboy about turkey? Or is it the spinach? Wouldn't you think Cowboy wontons, or Cowboy anything, would be made of... cows? Obviously I'm missing something here. The same restaurant also offers Old Lady Tofu, Pungent Lamb, and Smooth Crabmeat Wontons. Getting awfully poetic down there in Flower Mound....


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