I hardly ever go to Richmond, & as far as I remember have never been in the particular neighborhood between Kaiser & the BART station. Since I was there this morning with time on my hands, I walked around looking for the Chinese restaurant. The neighborhood felt so very much like some of the faded Midwestern towns I remember (the ones with consistently inspiring Chinese restaurants) that I felt sure of striking gold.

Aha! Nothing to look at on the outside, but it was open already (since 7:30 am), so I went in to ask for a menu. I don’t know what I expected, but I was surprised to see the place more than half full, with mostly African American seniors chowing down on breakfast.

A glance at the menu told the tale: Chicken & Waffles breakfast special, $4.95! You get 3 waffles, 2 eggs, & your choice of 4 fried chicken wings or 4 sausages or 4 bacon. Try & beat that. If that’s too much food for you, how about Hot Oatmeal with milk for $1.85, or 2 eggs any style with toast & hash or grits for $2.95? “Popular Prices” indeed! I want to go back & eat there.



Last chance for Shadowshop, y’all. May Day is the last day, so go grab your pencils, your pop lyric diagrams, your Chinese restaurant mini-prints & other goodies while you can!



Woops! Where did March go? I think Camera Shy may be distracting me a bit.

I am quite smitten with the arugula flowers.

Did you know you can eat them? I didn’t. I like them. Hard to describe the taste without sounding weird, but… they make me think of fresh wood. No, not like eating wood chips. Nothing like that. Much nicer.

I like throwing them on top of everything, just like I was throwing the leaves on everything all winter long. Makes sense, to go from winter to spring, leaf to flower.

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