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We have come to the end of this blog. Like writing the last sentence in a journal, putting it on the shelf, & opening up a fresh new blank book.

This blog started as the Chinese Restaurant Project blog & then followed me through changes I never could have anticipated. It didn’t lead to blogging fame & fortune—no glamorous book deal or money in my pocket—nor even more than a handful of readers (unless you count all the crowds who come just to ogle one pair of cowboy boots), but it wasn’t supposed to. I believe—quite strongly—in the value of a shy, quiet blog that just keeps trundling along its little path.

So, a hug & a kiss for this old thing—& on to the new one!

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Ah, the photogenic popovers in winter sunshine, with narcissus shadows…


This winter is so much nicer than the last two.


Remember all that unrelenting gray rain?!


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Don’t worry. I’m not riding again. Not that I’ve ruled it out. I’m having more fun with my camera right now.